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Linux and Open Source Fanatic. Specializing in Linux and I currently work as a BigData Support Engineer @AWS. I have a high level of curiosity, so everything tech fascinates me, currently fascinated with Docker, LXD/LXC, Elasticsearch, MongoDb and Python Flask

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Amazon Web Services 2014-08-01 —

Big Data, Cloud Support Engineer

Withing AWS Premium Support Team. Provide Technical, Architectural and Overall supoort to AWS Customers that is subscribed to Developer, Business and Enterprise Support, withing the BigData environment.


  • Provide support on services like, EMR (Elastic MapReduce), DynamoDB (NoSQL), Kinesis, Kinesis Firehose, DataPipeline, Elasticsearch, MachineLearning
  • Technical Support may include assisting customers troubleshooting Cluster Performance, why Jobs fail, best practices, General Guidance, Architectural advice, etc.
  • Many times, we need to reproduce certain scenarios, in order to determine the root cause of support cases
  • Wrote a script to generate massive amounts of random data using the Faker library for Python, which helps with getting datasets of 20-40GB in a couple of minutes.

Amazon Web Services 2014-08-01 — 2014-10-01

EC2 Linux, Cloud Support Engineer

Providing Support for Customers with EC2 Linux related issues.


  • Customers seek for support on EC2 related issues that they might face.
  • Technical support may include topics like, instance performance, reachability issues, assisting with deployments, best practices, securing instances, etc.
  • After a month, I was asked if I would be interested in BigData, at the time I had no knowledge about BigData, but saw it as a challenge, and jumped right in.

Computicket 2014-03-01 — 2014-07-31

Linux System Administrator

Responsible for Managing Linux Servers, within the Computicket Data Center


  • Ensure Uptime, making sure all Linux Systems are Patched and that system load remains in a acceptable level during high-load events
  • Assisting developers during testing, development stages to provision or support their environments
  • Supporting internal clients with any issues they may be faced with
  • Assisting after hours for upgrades, maintenance etc.

Automated Outsourcing Services (AOS) 2013-09-01 — 2014-02-28

Linux / Network Administrator

Managed Linux/Unix Servers and providing support for internal developers.


  • Ensure uptime, maintenance, making sure backups are in place
  • Assisting internal developers when they are facing performance issues on database servers
  • Assisting the rest of the team when they seek an Linux related support
  • Providing monthly shutdown/maintenance on servers/environment

Imperial Online (ISP) 2009-09-01 — 2013-08-31

Snr. Linux Engineer (Intenret Services)

Team Lead, Responsible for Managing +- 80 Linux Servers in a Internet Service Provider environment


  • Architecting customized solutions that fit customers needs
  • Ensure uptime, management on Linux servers, making sure backups and DR is in place
  • Assisting colleagues with Linux related advice, training etc.
  • Research and Development
  • Actioning or assisting with support related tickets

Imperial Online (ISP) 2008-03-01 — 2009-08-31

Systems Engineer

Providing Desktop Support for all customers


  • In 2009, I was assigned to be a dedicated engineer for Imperial Car Rental, Europcar and Tempest Car Hire
  • Same time, became second in line to our Manager
  • Assisting customers with support in Email, PC issues, Printers, PC Reloads, Scripting, everything else that resides in the desktop support space
  • Assisted the second tier support with common server rebuilds, exchange offline defrags, etc.

Conexus 2007-07-14 — 2008-02-28

Helpdesk Agent

Heldesk Agent for Imperial Online


  • Providing basic support, if we could not assist, we would then log the request with Imperial Online Operations team
  • Providing Customers with Updates on case status, resolution, etc.

CTI, Potchefstroom 2006-01-16 — 2006-12-15

IT Engineering

Hosting, ISP Env

  • Linux System Administration
  • Nginx/Apache/PHP
  • MySQL/Replication
  • Postfix/Dovecot/Courier
  • OpenXchange/Zimbra
  • MailScanner/AmavisD
  • Bind/DnsMasq
  • Squid/Varnish/Redis
  • Iptables
  • Nagios/Cacti/MRTG/
  • MongoDB
  • XtreemFS (Distributed Storage)
  • BackupFS/Cronjobs/Zamanda
  • Samba

Web Applications

  • Python Flask
  • Node.js (Basics)
  • Wordpress


  • OpenVZ
  • KVM/Libvirt
  • VirtualBox-Headless
  • Citrix Xen
  • OpenStack


  • Fabric
  • GIT
  • Ansible (Basics)


  • Bash
  • Python


  • Python (Basics)
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